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The winter in Mijas is one of the warmest winters you can find in Europe. In this region you have an average of only 8 rainy days per month, meaning you will have over 20 sunny days. On an average you will have about 5 hours of sun per day. You will enjoy a mild winter from December to February at the Costa del Sol.

During the daytime, the temperature can still reach 20 degrees, due to the sun and the warm southern wind coming from Africa. December is the coldest month of the year. The sea temperature is a bit too low in winter for a swim, but enjoying a walk on the beach around Christmas is an unique experience!

Lots of elderly people come to the Costa del Sol to enjoy the mild winter climate of Mijas and escape from the cold up in the north. The nights are rather chilly between 7 and 11 degrees, but the sun really warms up the day. Snow is very uncommon, you may see the snow on the mountain the Sierra Nevada, where you can go skiing.

It is a lot calmer in this period of the year, although most restaurants, bars and shops stay open all year long. The chiringuito's on the beach are closed during this time of the year. Playing golf is one of the possible activities in the winter in Mijas.


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