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Spring in Mijas runs from March until May. In this time of the year you will enjoy plenty of sunshine and a bright clear sky. Average temperatures are 19 degrees for March, 20 for April and even 23 for the Month of May. It feels like summer in the more northern countries of Europe!

The day temperatures are very good, but it can be still chilly in the evening and nights. The temperature drops to 14 even 11 degrees at night. You can expect about 7 hours of sunshine in March and up to 9 hours in May. It still can rain for a few days a month although most of the time it does not rain all day long.

Due to the Sierra Nevada with his 2000 meter, surrounding the Mijas area, this region benefits from a very mild climate. It blocks the northern cool winds. The wind coming from oversea and Africa brings a fresh breeze but never feels cold.

Of course we talk here about average temperatures. It can change from year to year, a bit cooler, a bit warmer. The water temperature of the sea is still to cold in March but as of April you can go for a swim. In general spring in Mijas is already the time to wear your shorts!


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