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The average temperatures in Mijas are of course changing from year to year. but we can say that the summer months are the hottest with averages up to 29 and 31 degrees. Despite these high day temperatures, the climate in Mijas always feels comfortable.

The sea breeze keeps the heat bearable in the summer and brings in hot air in the winter from Africa. Mijas is surrounded by the mountains, Sierra Nevada, and these block the colder northern wind in the winter. Day temperatures in Mijas rarely go under 14 degrees in winter!

Evenings and nights can be a bit chilly, even in autumn and the beginning of spring. In the summer it cools down at night until about 20-21 degrees, giving you the possibility for a good rest. In the winter you will need an extra cover on the bed during the nights, with an average of 10 to 12 degrees.

As said, these temperatures of Mijas are averages and you may have some extremes from one year to another.


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