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Park at Mijas Pueblo for 1 € per day

As of the 1st of May, you will be able to park your car at Mijas Pueblo for only 1€ per day (from noon to noon). This reduced tarif, announced by the Maire Ángel Nozal, for the parking Virgin de la Peña in the center of the village is great when visiting Mijas. 

The beautifull white village attracts yearly lots of visitors and tourists.

You can easely reach it with the bus service but of course lots of people arrive by car

and parking spots are limited.  The public car park at Virgin

 de la Peña, has 5 levels to hold a total of 500 cars and is open 24/7. Easy to find

and located in the center near the tourism office, the townhall officials really made a big effort in offering this parking at the modest rate of 1€ per day.

This reduced parking fee will help increase day tourism but also increase the number of people staying over in Mijas.


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